A Few Beauties of Nature


What you see here are rainbow roses!  These were created by a Dutch flower company owner, Peter Van De Werken, who produced them by developing a technique that included injecting natural pigments into the stems of the roses while they are growing to create a striking multi colored petal effect to the roses.



Have you ever seen anything like this?  These are orchid flowers, and they look like little monkey faces!



Ants have transparent abdomens, so when they eat, you can actually see the contents.  Mohamad Babu’s wife, noticed this when she saw them turning white when they drank milk that was on the ground.  So she conducted an experiment with these colorful water droplets and he took pictures.

rainbow-ants rainbow-ants-1rainbow-ant-3


Here are some adorable dwarf bunnies

tiny-bunnies itty-bitty-bunny

Or check out this one Gigantic Ball of Fluff

 fluffy-bunny-2 fluffy-bunny

Here are some adorable miniature  chameleons

tiny-chameleons2 tiny-chameleons


Secrets to Being a Great Conversationalist

 Just because you are a people person, does not mean that all the things you say are interesting.  There are a lot of people that talk a lot, and are the wolds social butterflies, but sometimes those same people can be very boring.  If you see people start to shy away, or even run from you when you come to talk to them, just keep these things in mind so people will enjoy talking with you.

1. Lay Off The Details.

Try to remember that sometimes you may need to edit yourself. You can get your point across without drowning them in details. Try to only bring up the important points, and if it doesn’t add to your story then maybe you don’t have to to tell them those parts.


2. Give Them Time to Answer You.

If you ask someone a question, give them time to answer you before you move on to giving them another question, or even the answer. If they are answering you, do not interrupt them, that is just rude. It is basically telling them that really you don’t care what they have to say, so why in the world would they want to talk to you?



3. Pick Your Battles.

Pick your battles. I can’t even begin to tell you how important this is. There are some things are just meant for you to let it go. If you choose to fight every battle that your confronted with, you will just come across as a know it all. It is OK to have an opposing point of view and not have to bring it up every chance you get.


4. Always Speak Well of Who You Are Talking About.

Find something nice to talk about that someone else did. You will make a good impression on people by letting them know that you can find good with what other people are doing, and that you don’t always just talk about yourself.


5. Find some Common Ground.

Most likely, you will have many things in common with most people that you meet. This is a great reason to keep yourself current to news and world events. You will have an abundance of things that you know facts about and can speak intelligently of. If you do not know about it, by all means, do not pretend that you do. If you say something that is out of line, that is what will be remembered. If you don’t know about the topic, then just say so, and let them know you’d love to more, this gives them a chance to talk to you about it.


6. Try to Avoid Superlatives.

No one wants to hear “It’s the best!” or “Oh thats terrible”, or that something is the “Best Ever”, unless of course it is actually the best ever. You will look like you do not know what they are talking about, or it may show that you are not capable of coming up with something substantial to say about it. It is hard to sustain a conversation if that is all that you say about what they are telling you. If you do indeed want to compliment something, make sure it is sincere, and give details about what specifically you like or dislike about what you’re talking about.


Source: YouCanTeachWriting.com


Hysterical Positions Animals Get in Trying to Figure Furniture Out


I think I need a Bigger Couch


I can almost reach my num nums


Now how is this suppose to be relaxing?


I’m doing the laundry!





What You Looking At?


It’s just perfect, can’t you tell?



I Think I’m doing something wrong here


Upside Down Time!



Ah, a nice nap in the hammock!


There must be a better way!


My bed is broken!


Snooze fest!


This is totally how you use this, right?


I’m Sinking!


They make it look so easy on TV


Me haz figured it out!




Best Hide and Seek Player Ever!puppy-stuck